Glass display case

Strata Counter

For collections of grandeur, nothing will show them off better, than the outstanding Strata display counter. This innovatively designed, T-shaped showcase never fails to stand out in any surroundings.

The Gemini

The Gemini is a tall, slimline, exquisitely feminine showcase with warm LED lighting creating a display of unparalleled elegance. Modelled on the ever-popular Rigel showcase, the slender profile creates a very contemporary look, instantly drawing the eye into the spotlight.

The Rigel

The Rigel features fully flexible warm LED lighting that puts just the right accent on any display piece. The innovative and incredibly stylish ‘two-tier’ design creates an illusion of buoyancy, instantly drawing the eye into the spotlight. Additional LED lighting can be added to the exterior of the tower to highlight branding as an optional extra.

The Spectrum

An example of exceptional craftsmanship, the Spectrum features state of the art revolving LED lights to create an elegant and dazzling display for any luxury exhibit. Tri-coloured rotating lights can be adjusted to suit your display with different speed settings, highlighting your exhibit with unparalleled sparkle and splendour.

Alto Black Tower

Elevated elegance and towering grace sum up the Alto, a showcase that possesses just the right degree of neutrality to blend harmoniously into any interior, yet at the same time stand out as an attractive feature.

The Qubic

Modelled on the Alto, The Qubic is our smallet slimline tower showcase, beautifully illuminated with warm tones courtesy of LED lighting which can be positioned to perfectly highlight any piece.

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